Congratulations to Stephen Woodworth, Kitchener Centre’s confirmed CPC Candidate

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April 15, 2019: Tonight’s Nomination Results – Stephen Woodworth
Tonight, our members cast their ballots in support of their preferred candidate, and did so in record numbers! The attendance at the nomination was over 600, and we couldn’t be more proud of the passion and enthusiasm we saw as everyone came together!
The results were announced to those in attendance at 9:45PM today after a careful counting by volunteers. We’re pleased to announce that we now have a candidate to take us into the next election – and that candidate is Stephen Woodworth.
We would like to thank Mary Henein Thorn for being such an incredible contestant, and are appreciative that she has asked her supporters to rally behind Stephen as we push onward towards the October election.
A big thank you must go out to everyone who volunteered to make our night such a great success with a special mention to Trevor Hamilton and Dave Dillon; by all accounts the meeting was well administered and the venue accommodated our numbers more than adequately.
Please join us in congratulating Stephen on his victory!
Kitchener Centre EDA Board of Directors
A message from our President
Canada’s conservatives believe in the power of the individual over the power of the state; we recognize that a bigger government leads to greater reliance upon that government and ultimately limits our freedom; we believe in hand ups, not handouts; we believe in equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome; we believe in individual rights over group rights – because it’s 2019! We believe that if you work hard, pay your taxes, and play by the rules, regardless of your creed, class, ethnicity, or gender you can achieve your dreams.
Our momentum is now palpable as we’re consistently leading in all major polls—a testament to the public’s rejection of the expanse of Liberal failures, and their renewal of support for the Conservative Party of Canada and our approach to making life better for Canadians, not just a select few. As we now know that Stephen will be leading us into the October election, I ask that all of us lend our support to help us realize our goal of defeating Justin Trudeau and Raj Saini, and returning Kitchener Centre to the Conservatives!
As mentioned tonight, a note will be coming out in the next month advising you of timing of our EDA’s Annual General Meeting—to be held in June. I encourage any of you who wish to get more involved to consider either joining our board or volunteering—this is the greatest way to make your voice heard, and donating your time will ensure a convincing win. Please e-mail me at the link below if you’re interested!
Dan Gillen

2017 Conservative Leadership Race Poll

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Greetings All,

As we quickly approach the May 27th Leadership Convention, we would like to get your input on who you think the best Candidate for leader would be. Let us know in the below poll!

Need more info on the current slate of leadership hopefuls?  Click Here for more info!

This poll is closed! Poll activity:
Start date 13-07-2016 08:20:08
End date 26-05-2017 09:25:26
Poll Results:
Who do you think is the best Candidate to lead the Conservative Party of Canada?


Please note that this poll is not binding or scientific, and is only to help gauge membership interest in each of the current Leadership Candidates. May the best Candidate win!


CPC Leadership Race

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Greetings to all,

On behalf of the Kitchener Centre Conservative Electoral District Association, I would like to wish everyone a very happy and healthy new year!

The year 2017 will be an exciting one for all Conservatives. On May 27, 2017, for the first time in over 13 years, members will have the ability to vote in a new leader and help shape the future of both the party and Canada.

The unprecedented number of candidates in this year’s leadership race offers us a wide range of visions and paths forward for Canada; it is because of this variety that it’s so important that you vote to select who you believe is our best choice for the future.

We remain united in the view that Justin Trudeau and the current Liberal government must be defeated in the next Federal Election. By the end of their term, the Liberal Government will have added nearly $120 Billion to our Federal debt load, increased the cost of living for all Canadians with a host of new taxes, and tarnished Canada’s reputation as a competitive place to do business.

With a plethora of broken promises, unethical cash-for-access fundraising, a clear disdain for democratic institutions, and a Prime Minister who has proven to be tone deaf to ordinary Canadians, it is incumbent upon all of us to vote in a champion to defeat this arrogant Liberal government.

I call upon all past members to please renew your membership by the March 28th, 2017 deadline in order to be eligible to participate in this important moment in the Conservative Party’s history.

To do so, please visit . Membership terms start at $15 for a one year, with up to 5 years for the best value.

To learn more about each of the current leadership candidates for the Conservative Party, please also visit . As we get closer to the May 27, 2017 leadership convention, we will reach out to our members to let them know available options to vote.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to us at, and visit our website for the latest updates at

Best Regards,

Dan Gillen


Kitchener Centre Electoral District Association

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th Birthday Garden Party

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All are invited to join us in celebrating the Queen’s 90th Birthday at Victoria Park on August 13, 2016 @ 2PM. Tickets will be available at the event or through an EDA Board Member for $5 per person, or $10 per family.

As the EDA supports local businesses, there will be fresh baked goods included in the ticket price; including fresh scones from City Bakery, and Lemon Tarts from Angie’s Restaurant, as well as Tea and other refreshments.

We expect a broad attendance at this year’s event, including Conservative Leadership Candidates, Members of Parliament, MPP’s, local leaders, and other dignitaries where everyone will have an opportunity to chat as this will be an open forum to mingle & celebrate.

Follow the event on Twitter:

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We hope that all of you can make it!


Dan Gillen

President, Kitchener Centre EDA